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WER025, März 2017

WER021 Roberto Pianca
Sub Rosa

Dan Kinzelman - Sax
Roberto Pianca - Guitar
Glenn Zaleski - Piano
Stefano Senni - Bass
Luis Candeias - Drums


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Roberto Pianca's group Sub Rosa gathers together some of the fnest young jazz musicians on the international scene. The music is somewhere between modern classical, jazz, rock and contemporary guitar music, refecting many infuences from modern music. Dealing with complexity in terms of composition as well as freedom within improvisation, the music might have a strong impact on an audience that loves listening to a contrast created between virtuosistic rhythmical patterns and aerial atmospheres, as well as a consistent musicality and interaction coming individually from all fve members of the band.
Having played together for a long time in diferent combinations, these musicians know each other very well, but have constant need of searching adventurous paths and unknown landscapes in the music, secret places for the music to happen. In fact, not for nothing, the latin phrase sub rosa was picked on purpose for the album title and name for the band, it actually means "under the rose", and is used in english to denote secrecy or confdentiality.

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Roberto Pianca
+41 79 662 05 82